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Dez 11

Reincarnation – Looking for a Sign (English – Streaming)

By Stefan Weiss | Streaming NEU 2020 , Tibet und Buddhismus

Reincarnation – Looking for a Sign (English version)

Duration: 108 min.


While filming my award-winning documentary „Living Buddha,“ an even more dramatic reincarnation story about life, death, and rebirth began:

On his way to identifying the rebirth of the Living Buddha, Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche suddenly got killed in a fatal car accident. Two years later we find his rebirth. Until he is almost 20 years old, I follow his life. I want to know if I was wrong. Is he really the injured Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche?

His brother Topga is one of the main characters in this film. He gives Jamgon a new BMW, which Jamgon drives to a tree two days later. Topga can not believe that the boy found should be his brother. He is also looking for a sign (Looking for a Sign).

Whether he finds it, you will learn in this extraordinary documentary. Even for people who can not do much with reincarnation, this documentary is an intense and exciting story that lasts more than three decades.

The filming with Jamgon began in 1976. They intensified in 1992 at his death and then continued until 2016. It created 350 hours of film and video material. This became „Reincarnation – Looking for a Sign“ and the book „Living Reincarnation“.

Film, book and seminar answer the questions:

„Who was I? Who am I? And who will I be?“

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